25 Nov

>I am the worst procrastinator in the history of people who procrastinate. Well…maybe not that bad, but still pretty bad. A friend of mine asked me MONTHS ago if I could draw a portrait of her niece and nephew, and even though my mind was telling me “No! Don’t do it! You hate portraits!” It came out more like, “Sure, I’d love to!” I’m a week away from the deadline and I haven’t even started. I know I’ll get it done, because I always do, and it will turn out amazing, but why do I get myself into these situations?

First of all, she wants dead realism. (Not dead children…just to clarify), which hasn’t always been my forte. Second…well, I just plain didn’t want to do it. Why do I have such a hard time telling people no? Even when no one asks me in particular, I’m always like, “I can help you! One week? Consider it done.” Maybe that will be my new years resolution. Learning to say no.

Good news? I’m halfway done with the first draft. Yay, progress. I’m almost nearly finished with all my Christmas gifts. I’ve opted to either hand make them, or buy them off etsy. I ended up making my bf’s dad a set of pot holders with that amazing veggie fabric I posted about.


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