>Goals, goals, goals…

28 Dec


Amazing Greenman mural in Helen, Georgia. Has absolutely nothing to do with this post.

So, Ive wanted to do this for a while, but never actually sat down and made myself write the list. I’m starting my 101 in 1001 project, and seeing as I would never get anything done without having a “to do” list, I expect this to be very beneficial. I’ll keep this updated, as to what I accomplish. I’m also going to try to have a picture for each accomplishment. Except for a few…which really don’t need one. lol.

BOLD – Completed.
Italicized – In progress.
Physical Health and Well being

1) Go to the doctor and get a checkup twice. (0/2)
2) Get a pap smear. Thats an unattractive sounding phrase…
3) Have gum surgery. Ew. Completed 4-20-09
4) Go to eye doctor and get either glasses or contacts. Completed 1-7-09
5) Drink nothing but water or tea for 30 days. (30/30) Completed 2-1-09
6) Get 5 cleanings. (1/5)
7) Go without excess sugar (candy, cookies, cake) for 30 days. (0/30)
8) Exercise 1 hour a day, 3 days a week. 30 days. (0/30)
9) Look into getting health insurance. Completed 1-13-09
10) Get that darn tooth filled. Nevermind, it needs a root canal! Completed 8-18-09
11) Start taking a daily multi vitamin.

Food, Drink, and Kitchen fun

12) Start a “tried and true” recipe book. Include pictures, tips, and history.
13) Try 50 new recipes. (7/50)
14) Make a fondant cake.
15) Learn to make proper curry and roti.
16) Buy some handmade food off of etsy.
17) Embroider a set of tea towels.
18) Try 5 different types of tea. (2/5)
19) Organize the Kitchen cupboards. Completed 1/22/09
20) Completely clean the fridge and freezer.
21) Find a great tablecloth for the dining room.
22) Buy a stand mixer.
23) Buy or create cute recipe cards

Randoms (because I deleted a section.)

24) Create an organized storage system for Phillip
25) Create more shelving/organization for upstairs
26) Paint/fix up craft desk.
27) Come up with a color scheme for craft area.
28) Finish my portfolio
29) frame some of my own art
30) Make a set of place mats for table

Travel and Experiences

31) Visit Savannah for a weekend.
32) Go to college.
33) Get my drivers license.
34) Try 4 new restaurants. (2/4)
35) Visit Donna in Florida.
36) Go to the Highland games.
37) Visit 2 theme parks. (0/2)
38) Visit Berny in California Completed 4-12-09
39) Have a picnic.
40) Host a tea party.
41) Go bowling.
42) Go to a Renaissance Fair.
43) Get a booth in a Craft Fair.
44) Go to the beach.
45) Get Phillip on an airplane.
46) Go to a concert.

Crafty Endeavors

47) Purchase a new iron.
48) Learn to crochet a proper amigurumi.
49) Learn how to cast resin and purchase all supplies.
50) Go through ALL fabric in Big Blue Bin.
51) Paint the upstairs bathroom.
52) Make a quilt to give to my sister.
53) Complete 6 craft swaps. (5/6)
54) Paint a picture.
55) Learn to knit.
56) Learn how to make a hand bound journal. Completed 8-15-09
57) From Inspiration Words list, create one artwork for every word. (0/100)
58) Create caricatures of 5 friends. (0/5)
59) Create tute. binder.
60) Mega man Quilt for Phillip.
61) Create a scrapbook.
62) Complete 2 large scale embroideries. (0/2)
63) Create 5 new outfits for my Pullip. (0/5)
64) Organize fabric. Completed 12/28/08
65) Crochet a beanie.
66) Alter 5 pieces of clothing so that I love them. (0/5)
67) Snag a treasury!

Business and Finance

68) Put at least $2,000 in savings. Do not touch. (7.50/2000)
69) Get my business License.
70) Design and procure business cards, labels, tags, etc.
71) Get quick books to help with taxes.
72) Sell 100 things on Etsy. (46/100)
73) Complete 10 commissions. (3/10)


74) Buy a serger. Completed 7-14-09
75) Buy an MP3 Player. Preferably a Zune.
76) Buy 3 original works of art off etsy.(1/3)
77) Find an adorable tea pot.
78) Find a great bra and get 2. (1/2)
79) Get that IKEA bookcase.
80) Buy some great high heels.
81) Get some great jeans. Completed 12/29/08
82) Buy something else from Smarmyclothes.

Personal Development

83) Find a haircut and color that I love and maintain. Completed 12/30/08
84) Read 20 new books. (5/20)
85) Blog once every week. (45/143)
86) Complete 3 console video games. One must be Megaman. (1/3)
87) Learn everyones birthdays, and send a proper b-day card.
88) Learn more Gaelic.
89) Discover 10 new bands to love. (0/10)
90) Take one good photograph a week to post on blog. (35/143)
91) Give 10 ‘just because’ gifts. (1/10)
92) Get started on my sleeve.
93) Make a play list for every season. (0/4)
94) Find 25 things that I like about myself. (0/25)
95) Finish watching Rainbow Brite.
96) Watch 30 new movies. (18/30)
97) Go to a haunted house and keep my eyes open.
98) Frame my posters.
99) Buy some handmade cosmetics off of etsy. Completed 7-14-09
100) Write down 101 reasons I love Phillip and give it to him.
101) Make a list for the next 2.75 years!


2 Responses to “>Goals, goals, goals…”

  1. Mel Makes Pretty January 10, 2009 at 7:08 pm #

    >Wow, that’s an impressive list, I hope that you conquer it! It’s good to have everything written down so you can come back to it and see how your going.I am hoping to post some yummy recipes on my blog this year so check by from time to time….Oh on craftster there is a handbag, tote or clutch swap on at the mo, would love for you to join!Bless, Mel

  2. Shantessa Knutson January 27, 2009 at 7:09 am #

    >Good luck on your list and thanks for the idea i am addicted to lists

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