>Too much Christmas Crap.

16 May

>Life has been so crazy lately, it’s nice to just sit back and relax. Or in my case, sew! I spent a month in California visiting my aunt and helping her clean out her house and garage so she can rent it out. Holy crap. I have never seen so much stuff in one place. When I was younger I used to wonder what was in all those boxes piled high to the ceiling. Now I know.

Christmas stuff.

In every single box.

It was completely ridiculous. And it took FOREVER to get through it all. Im sure all those lights and plastic Santas are still strewn about the driveway waiting for a garage sale. On a brighter note, I found a TON of old sewing supplies, fabric, and things! I also found some clothing that used to belong to my mother when she was my age and first moved to America with her family. Which is great. I’ll try and get some pictures of them soon.

On a compeltely differant note, I saw Star Trek a couple days ago. And it was completely amazing. I wish all movie remakes were that amazing. They should redo all those crappy Star Wars add ons and make them like Star Trek. I hate those Star Wars movies…


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