>100 Things about Me

22 May

>For all you Craftster stalkers….

1. I love tattoos and body art in general. Especially old school sparrows.
2. I used to have bright pink hair…and I really miss it!
3. I’m half portugeuse, part scottish, and part native american.
4. My favorite animals include owls, deer, and bunnies.
5. I also really love sea creatures : seahorses, octopi, jellyfish
6. I love to sew.
7. I am OBSESSED with fairytales and have read the entire Brothers Grimm book at least 20 times.
8. Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite books.
9. I also really love the Hollows books by Kim Harrison.
10. Old school Super Nintendo is the most run system to play.
11. I’ve always wanted a hoodie with floppy bunny ears. No, Im not asking you to make one…but if you have the skills…that would rock.
12. People inspire me. They are just…seriously amazing.
13. I love to cosplay, and am going as a really evil Queen of Hearts this year..complete with ax! Off with your head!
14. Antique stores are the shit.
15. My boyfriend and I are also cosplaying as Ghostbusters this year. FYI. Proton packs are freaking HEAVY.
16. My favorite colors are green, purple, red, and black…but I like pretty much all colors.
17. My favorite colors to wear are black, red, and white.
18. My next thing to learn will be making resin jewelry. I think thats really cool.
19. I love to make lists.
20. I have a cupcake/ice cream/retro themed kitchen. Which, believe it or not, my bf actually likes.
21. HIM is one of my favorite bands. I also like Vendetta Red, Marillion, and Incubus.
22. I practice a nature oriented religon and am polythiestic.
23. I love to draw and paint, and am going to school for illustration next year.
24. Old school movie monsters ROCK. Dracula, Creature from Black Lagoon, werewolves…
25. I also really like pinups. A lot.
26. I dont like talking on the phone.
27. I love to cook.
28. I don’t have television, but I have a huge collection of 700+ dvds.
29. My cat hates me. Im not sure why.
30. I put a lot of time into the swaps that I do, and youre going to be getting quality stuff!
31. I dont wear bracelets a lot.
32. I have 8 ear piercings, so I love earrings.
33. Long necklaces are great too.
34. I grew up in Seattle.
35. Now I live in a tiny town in Georgia. Go figure.
36. I have a recent obsession with Buffy the vampire slayer.
37. Thats what she said.
38. I love to play miniature golf. Especially themed miniature golf!
39. I love embroidery!
40. I also love crocheted things. Cute things. with faces.
41. I prefer silver to gold.
42. I love to go to the Highland Games. Clan Cameron, wo0t!
43. I hate it when people type wo0t.
44. I can watch hgtv all day.
45. Disneyworld/land is one of my favorite places!!!
46. Baking is a hobby of mine. And my bread making skills are improving.
47. I like being a homebody.
48. But I also like people.
49. Really talented people intimidate me.
50. Red Riding Hood is a badass.
51. I love porches. Except when there are bees. I hate bees.
52. I have a crush on Susan Sarandon.
53. And Tim Curry looks great in drag.
54. Anything japanese, weird, and cute…Im all over.
55. But I also like anything fetishy, goth, or strange.
56. Are you bored yet? My life isnt very exciting.
57. I like trees.
58. Fall is my favorite season.
59. I like candy. Any and all candy. Pixy Stix, reeses, starbursts, strange candy, etc…
60. I used to work in a candy store in SeaSide. Best job EVER.
61. Large groups of teenagers annoy me for some reason.
62. Also, kids who want to be vampires annoy me. I mean…really? Thats gross.
63. Quiznos is delicious.
64. I LOVE anime and mangas. Descendants of darkness, gravitation, paradise kiss, and tons ohers.
65. I have brown eyes.
66. And big feet. Size 10.
67. My nails are usually painted black or hot pink.
68. Grocery shopping is always fun!
69. I collect mint tins.
70. I love monsters. Especially cute ones.
71. Rainbow Brite used to be my FAVORITE SHOW!!!! I still love the crap out of it.
72. Im having a tea party for my 21st birthday. It should be epic.
73. I love art noveau.
74. I also love learning about history.
75. And differant religons, especially ancient ones.
76. Im huge into reading.
77. I can never have enough bags, shoes, or accessories.
78. I like to wear things that are a little strange and special.
79. Id love to have a beanie with bear ears on it.
80. Youre probably going to be a little spoiled…I hope thats okay!
81. I love glitter.
82. I love playing video games, but I dont think Ive ever finished anything.
83. I like ankhs and pentacles.
84. I love learning about herbs and their uses.
85. I live on the other side of the country than my family, so I only see them once a year or so.
86. Im not done with this yet?
87. I dont like gum
88. I wear a size medium in shirts.
89. I used to do ballet, for 12 years.
90. Then I did highland dancing.
91. I love archery and think its tons of fun.
92. Unicorns are awesome.
93. I want to learn Japanese.
94. I love food.
95. I like to dance when no ones watching.
96. I used to have a squirrel as a pet.
97. I enjoy made for tv fantasy shows.
98. Im really excited for this swap…
99. Youre going to get some awesome stuff…
100. IM DONE!!!!


3 Responses to “>100 Things about Me”

  1. Twins of sewingness May 23, 2009 at 8:45 am #

    >Wow, I think I love you xD! I love all the same stuff you do, your blog is way awesome. Oh and if you find someone who can do no 11, tell me šŸ™‚

  2. Kat May 23, 2009 at 9:41 am #

    >Portuguese people rock. as does old school nintendo and a lot of other stuff on your list

  3. Jessie Quinn May 23, 2009 at 2:51 pm #

    >I had an Mad Tea Party for my birthday last year and it was a blast. I went as the Mad Hatter, of course. I tried organizing another tea party this year, but everyone’s so busy.Have fun with yours!

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