>Oh man…

27 Sep

>Long time, no post! I have good reason, promise. I’ve been working on a bunch of stuff, doing some custom things, and I started a new part time job! Hooray for having extra money! It’s fun, and I love seeing the different people that come in, especially the buses of old folks that come in on the weekdays. The job is at an apple orchard, so the food is spectacular ( mmm…fried apple pies) and it just smells like fall all the time!

Rainbow Brite and the color kids!

As for the custom work, I’m currently working on a Rainbow Brite costume for a friend of a friend. I’m running a little late ( damn procrastination!), but I finished the skirt today and it’s looking super cute! Maybe I’ll make one for myself this Halloween. I still haven’t decided on a costume. Either a Ghostbuster ( a cute one), Miss. Bright, or Red Riding Hood. Oh well, I still have time to decide. I’ve also got a few other projects, including a Panda hoodie, custom painted guitar, and a hoodie for my boyfriend…which I’m not getting paid for, but oh well. Maybe I’ll get ice cream. XD

Alice pencil pouch, in shop.

There is a bunch of new stuff that will be listed in the shop sometime next week. New pouches, some patchwork japanese totes, and clothing! I’ll let you know when they’re up.


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