Conversation Hearts: What I Wore 8/14/2010

14 Aug


This purse was my first Modcloth purchase, and I have to say I’m pretty pleased with it! For all the purses and bags that I have/make, I do not have a simple, black bag that goes with everything and is relatively adorable. This “Conversation Hearts” purse fits the bill nicely! It’s a small size, but fits everything I “need” to take with me, super soft, and I love the shape. So, yeah. Good purchase.

The rest of the outfit was a test run for Sunday (special date time). I like to make sure the outfit is comfortable and that I don’t have to spend to much time pulling at my clothing. The dress is by Soprano, and is the most comfortable dress I own. It’s made of a soft jersey/knit material, and has a slight build up at the shoulders. And long sleeves! (They’re rolled up in this picture) It is so hard finding a cute dress with long sleeves. Seriously. And it was only $12 at Macy’s on the discount floor.

The vest was another awesome find at Value Village, only $5. It’s by Guess, and was in amazing condition…I don’t think it had ever been worn! The back is striped, and it fits like a glove.

Dress – Soprano – $12
Vest – Guess (thrifted) – $5
Tights – Betsey Johnson – $3
Flats – Payless – $28
Purse – Modcloth – $27
Heartagram necklace – ebay (christmas gift)

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