Shop Review – ShoriAmeshiko

2 Nov


When I was looking for a Halloween costume and decided on being a Moogle, this shop was the first one I came across!

ShoriAmeshiko makes really cute and Japanese inspired apparel, plushies, and fanart hats. This is what I ordered.

How adorable, right?

I officially love this hoodie. It’s very well made, all the seams are neatly serged, no loose threads, and it has a nice big hood (a huge plus). The only qualms I had was the sizing, and the shortness of the hoodie. The size of the hoodie was exact to the measurements she had on her website, I just mistakenly got the medium instead of a small, because I’m never a small. lol. But luckily, I have sewing skills so that wasn’t a problem at all!

The hoodie was well priced and even came with a cute moogle keychain. Customer service was good, her responses were prompt. I really recommend this seller!


One Response to “Shop Review – ShoriAmeshiko”

  1. Amber Rose November 2, 2010 at 9:08 pm #

    >How freakin' adorable are you!?:)Lovely shop– thank you for sharing!

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