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Thrift Finds: March 2011

30 Mar


I found some cool stuff this month…

 Disney Villains picture frame – $4.00
 Various Sewing Supplies and Fabric – $4.00
 Vintage…punch bowl?. – $10.00
 Lotus Bowl Set – $2.50 for set of 3
 Vintage Mr. and Mrs. Bird hooks from 1970. – $5.00
New York and Co. scarf – .50 cents

Thrift your heart out.

19 Jan


I was part of the Pokemon generation. You know, one of those kids. I knew each of the creatures by name, evolutionary level, & type, and could rattle off this information with ease. Had the games, watched the show, collected the cards.

As with most things, my fascination dwindled and my collection of the trading cards somehow got scattered and lost. Enter last week’s thrifting adventure!

Yep, a whole set of cards for fifty cents. What?! Now, with Bulbasaur, Dratini, and Weedle on my side I can get my geek on.

Also, a tapestry cat puzzle.

>Painted Lady

11 Jun

I’ve ventured into the realm of painted shoes…and it’s really addicting. It combines my love of art, fashion, and making thrifted things newly awesome. My first pair is up on Etsy right now, this lovely pinup inspired number, all decorated with lovely cherries. They’re painted with acrylics and triple sealed to make them water and dirt resistant! Which is awesome. Because who wants dirty, runny cherries? Exactly. No one.

These ones are a pair of 4″ pumps by Fredericks of Hollywood, in really really good condition. I was shocked to find them, actually. Theyre also a size 10 and in my etsy shop, ready for the taking!

What do you think?